Thursday, 14 January 2010

It's a combination of things...

Somethings just work...they just go well together, you know- like smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, socks 'n' sandals, Karl and Chanel....

...and some things...well somethings just don't work when combined. Take yesterday for example, to set the scene, it was a gloriously sunny lunchtime, and I'd decided to hop on my beautiful bicycle and pick up a refreshing iced coffee...easier said than done. The unfortunate combination in question was my favourite red hat, beloved afore mentioned vintage bike and said iced beverage. The resulting disaster saw the hat in the middle of the road- before being runover by an unobservant motorist, coffee down my chin and bicycle dropped on the pavement as I attempted to recompose myself and recover my shit.

Lesson learned... fashion, man powered vehicles AND takeaway cups DO NOT complement each other one bit... oh and the bloke that laughed and offered little or no assistance from the pavement- you are probably going to hell, thanks SO much!!

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